String of Pearls + small Pot

Who doesn’t want pearls hanging from their shelf that only get longer with time?! These awesome little green beads are a succulent and should be treated in much the same way, let them dry out, give them loads of light (minimal direct) and they will grow to the floor, allowing you to snip the ends, stick them in a new pot and propagate a new guy for free.

We like to pair this beauty with a crisp white planter to make those little green beads stand out. A matte-glazed stoneware pot with matching saucer, drainage hole.

Medium care. View full plant care guide here.

Please check we deliver to your suburb here.

To ensure our plants are of the highest standard and have the best possible start to their new life with you, we add lots of goodies to make them the healthiest in Perth.
As a standard for all our plants we;

  • Re-pot the plant out of the plastic pot and into the decorative planter of your choice (except brass pots)
  • Thoroughly water with Seasol
  • Add a layer of non-toxic diatomaceous earth to ensure no pesky fungus gnats or other bugs
  • Fertilise with (miracle working) Troforte slow-release
  • Packaged in our reusable paper bags with that plants detailed care guide.

Product dimensions: approx 20cm – 30cm long from the top of the pot and 12cm wide

Delivery: Monday to Friday, between 12pm and 5pm