Ficus Audrey + Large pot

Audrey is here! And we could not be more excited to share her big velvety leaves and general awesomeness. She is the cousin to the fiddle leaf fig, but easier to care for and in our opinion, even more beautiful. She’s also recently been featured in the 2020 STM hotlist so she must be doing something right!

These stunners grow quickly and can reach the height of a small tree, much like the fiddle leaf fig so take good care of her so she can be your homes feature plant in no time.

We’ve paired her with pink but heck, she would steal the show in any colour!

1 x large Ficus Audrey plant

1 x ceramic pot (your choice of colour)

Potted in premium potting mix, fertiliser, gift card + envelope, reusable paper bag

Medium care. View the full plant care guideĀ here.

Please check we deliver to your suburbĀ here.

To ensure our plants are of the highest standard and have the best possible start to their new life with you, we add lots of goodies to make them the healthiest in Perth.
As a standard for all our plants we;

  • Re-pot your Ficus Audrey out of the plastic pot and into the decorative planter of your choice
  • Thoroughly water with Seasol
  • Add a layer of non-toxic diatomaceous earth to ensure no pesky fungus gnats or other bugs
  • Fertilise with (miracle-working) Troforte slow-release
  • Package in our reusable paper bags with that plants detailed care guide.

Product dimensions: These Ficus Audrey are approx 30cm high from the top of the pot and 18cm wide

Delivery: Monday to Friday, between 12pm and 5pm