A Little Somethin’ Somethin’ (Gift Set)

For all those moments in life that call for more than “congrats”. Like landing a dream job, moving into a new pimpin’ pad, birthday’s, new baby, new fur baby, the list is endless! And sometimes it’s hard to know what the right gift is, so we’ve created this handy dandy, easy-care indoor plant gift set complete with ceramic pot and the most delicious chocolate bar on the planet (seriously this stuff is addictive!).

Our Philodendron birkin plant is cute as a button and easy to care for and we have paired it with one of our most popular ceramic pots in a neutral colour that completes the ideal new home for this living gift. Then we will gift wrap the heck out of it and add your personal message on our signature card, pop that scrumptious choccy in and deliver it on the day your mate needs it most.

Gift set includes:

  • 1 x small Philodendron Birkin plant (approx 15cm tall)
  • Potted in premium potting mix and fertilised
  • In a ceramic pot with a plug to stop excess water drips (18cm diameter)
  • 1 x Hey Tiger 85g chocolate bar
  • Detailed plant care card
  • Packaged in our free signature reusable gift bags and “I think you’re pricking awesome” cactus message card

Easy care. View full plant care guide here.

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Philodendron Birkin

These cute and compact Philo's are super easy to care for and can take a fair amount of neglect.

In stock

Hey Tiger Vegan GF Hazelnut Butter 85g Bar

The creamiest chocolate you will have the privilege of smacking your lips around all year.

In stock

Small Luna Dove Pot

A neutral colour ceramic pot to suit all spaces. Comes with a plug to stop excess water drips.

In stock

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To ensure our plants are of the highest standard and have the best possible start to their new life with you, we add lots of goodies to make them the healthiest in Perth.
For all our gift sets we;

  • Re-pot the plant out of the plastic pot and into the decorative ceramic planter
  • Thoroughly water with Seasol
  • Add a layer of non-toxic diatomaceous earth to ensure no pesky fungus gnats or other bugs can survive
  • Fertilise with (miracle-working) Troforte slow-release fertiliser
  • Packaged in our free signature reusable gift bags and “I think you’re pricking awesome” cactus message card

Delivery: Monday to Friday, between 12pm and 5pm

Philodendron Birkin

Plant Care

Bright indirect sunlight, Water every 1 to 2 weeks