1kg Signature Potting Mix

Your plant’s soil is the foundation for a happy and healthy plant. But for most of us, we only need a small amount to re-pot a beloved plant or top up a pot that our puppy decided to dig in. So our very own soil recipe is in a resealable bag and a handy 1kg!

With a focus on premium natural products, we have perfected our own soil recipe that we use on every order that heads out from our greenhouse and now we’re making it available to the fine people of Perth so that you can use it to expand your own collection of green goods.

Our signature potting mix comes in a 1kg resealable bag and includes;

  • Premium soil from Mumballup Organics
  • Troforte slow release fertiliser
  • Perlite (to keep the soil free draining)
  • Diatomaceous earth (to eliminate any bugs)

And while you’re at it, why not pick up one of our fertiliser kits to make them green goods sing or a soil moisture metre so you no longer have to dig in the dirt to check if your plant baby needs watering.

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