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T e x t u r e s ☆
Pots sold separately! So many of you are on the hunt for bigger pots to be delivered sans plant so we thought we would help you out! Our extra large pots can now be purchased on their own. Choose from 3 shapes and get same day delivery as normal.
When your outdoor greenery is this strong 😱 📷 unknown
Devil's ivy 🙌 Still my go-to plant for any gift. I've gifted myself 4 for my house mainly cos they grow so fast and I'm impatient and I have been known to forget about my houseplants on the odd occasion!
Handy planty things! Have you grabbed one of our soil moisture metres and indoor garden sized fertiliser kits yet? We figured if we didn't like digging in the soil to see if our plants needed watering then you probs won't either! And who needs 2L of Seasol when you only have 3 plants? Nobody that's who! Plus they come with instructions on how to use. Huzzah!
Baby, baby, look at me, I'm in chains! Anyone else wonders whatever happened to TIna Arena? 🤷 Our chain of hearts are literally overflowing with new growth and getting longer by the day!
P L A N T  S T A N D S ::
The most stylish way to add a bit of height to your green goods and give those trailing plants a chance to show off their magic.
We are now selling XL pots on their own! We have been listening to your feedback and have now made all our extra large pots available to purchase individually (without a plant). Simply order online as normal and schedule delivery.
Final days of our sale! All our XL plant and some of our most popular easy care range. Order before 10am for delivery TODAY! .
Cos there is nothing better than coming home new green goods waiting at your door.