Indoor Plants For Corporate Gifts + Events

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How about a potted plant gift? Cos pens and notepads are #snoozefest

We know from our 15 years of marketing experience that impressing clients is a full-time job in itself! You’re all ‘give, give, give’ and they’re all ‘take, take, take’, it’s exhausting!

Allow us to take that small thing off your plate and pass your worries on over this way (ok, not all your worries, let’s be reasonable). We are in the biz of gift-giving and know a thing or two about impressing clients with a unique, stylish potted plant gift that they won’t want to give to the intern (sorry interns).

Want to style your event with something lush and green but don’t have time (cos you are busy and important dammit)? Maybe you’re a bloody awesome boss and want to gift something green to all your worker bees? Green Assembly can do it all, we’re really nifty like that.

With the ability to customise packaging through our in-house design and delivery to single or multiple locations, you can tick houseplant gifts in any shape or form off your to-do list pronto!

All our houseplant gifts come potted in stunning Australian designed planters with a drainage hole and drip tray and are packaged in our signature washable paper bags, complete with plant care tips card.

Download our info booklet here or hit us up at [email protected] with what you’re after and we will do our potted plant gift magic.