About Us

Plantaholic. It’s like shopaholic, but with plants...

Green Assembly curates the best selection of locally grown Perth indoor plants, pots them into the sexiest pots we can find (so that you don’t have to, cos, dirt), and makes them look all gifty like and puuurdy. Then we rock up at your home or office and put a big fat smile on your mug. Huzzah!

Our online window sill is full of trending, rare, whacky and beautiful indoor plants that are locally grown in Perth and our pots are Australian designed and made with quality stoneware, so they’ll look great in any space.

All that is left for you to do is hop foot it to the shop page and choose your fave indoor plant, select your pot colour, then we will get that sexy beast delivered to your door on the double.


My Indoor Plant Obsession All Began

with an insatiable need to create my very own urban jungle. Soon enough, the nasty husband banned me from buying any new indoor plants, so I resorted to buying plants for other people just to get a green fix (shopaholics don’t just buy clothes).

The annoying thing was that I had to buy the indoor plant, find the right planter (why are there so few pots with holes dammit!), then haul ass to their home or office to deliver the goods… effort.

We know you feel our pain fellow plantaholics! So, we’re keeping things real simple for you and making it easy to feed your indoor plant obsession any day of the week.