4 Things Your House Plants Need To Thrive

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just pop your new Fiddle Leaf Fig in any room of your house and forget about it… all while it continued to thrive and brighten up your home with all your other house plants, of course!

Sadly, it takes a little bit more work to keep your indoor plants happy, but don’t worry, it’s pretty simple really

1. Water

Derrrr I hear you say. Ok, but do you know how much and how often smarty pants? Here is a simple guide to live by: once a week, dig your finger 2 inches into the soil of your indoor plant. Dry? Give him a water. Still damp? Leave him a few more days and try again.

Bonus tip: if you have a plastic pot sitting inside a decorative pot with no drainage hole, make sure there isn’t a pool of water at the bottom afteryou have watered—house plants really hate having wet feet!

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2. Light

All houseplants will need either direct sunlight, filtered light, low light or a combination. Confused yet? Here’s a simple breakdown of the different light sources you will often see on your indoor plants’ care card.

Direct sunlight: there should be no barrier between the plant and the light source, that means your plant should be in a sunny window where the sun rays hit it.

Filtered light: the light needs to be diffused before reaching the plant. You can do this with a sheer curtain or by placing the plant in a window overlooking an undercover outdoor area.

Low light: think hallways with a doorway to other rooms but no actual windows letting light in. The plant will survive but it won’t do any crazy jungle growing.

Bonus tip: rotate your indoor plant every couple of weeks so that it grows evenly towards the light and doesn’t end up tilting to one side.

3. Food

Sure, most of the time they are totally happy living on water and air alone but in the warmer months, we all want to indulge in something a little more potent. Give your houseplants a bi-monthly drink of liquid fertiliser (something like Seasol will do the trick) in the summer growing months and a slow release fertiliser (those little tiny balls) twice a year – we swear by Langley’s Troforte pots and plants CRF. Then sit back and watch your jungle takeover.

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4. Position

Obviously, the position is important when factoring in light, but there’s another consideration when deciding where your new houseplants are going to live—drafts, humidity and temperature. Almost all plants will lose the plot if you keep them in front of a heater or air-conditioning unit. The air is either way too hot or too cold, not to mention way too dry—keep in mind that most indoor plants originate from tropical areas—so, do your plants a favour and keep them several metres away.

Bonus tip: if you can’t live without your air-con and heating, it’s always a good idea to give your plants a lil’ spritz of water on the daily to keep the air more humid.

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Main image credit: Mike Marquez via Unsplash