5 Reasons Indoor Plants Make The Best And Most Unique Gifts

5 Reasons Plants Are Most Unique Gift

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your sister’s 30th birthday or your mother in law at Christmas or just to let someone know you are thinking of them, we reckon an indoor plant is one of the most unique gifts you will find. Here are just 5 of the reasons house plants make the perfect gift for any occasion.

1. Unlike other ‘living’ gifts (we’re looking at you, flowers) they don’t die within the week. Where flowers begin to wilt after a few days, a plant can miraculously deliver you a fresh new leaf overnight! They really are the unique gift that keeps on giving.

2. You never have to worry about someone hating a plant, wanting to return it for a credit note, or needing a different size. Cos errryone loves plants!

3. An indoor plant goes with any style, in any space. Whether you’re buying for someone who only wears vintage, a professional interior designer or an accountant, an indoor plant will go perfectly in any space.

4. They don’t discriminate. Young, old, guys or gals, plants will love you simply for giving them a drink on the reg’. In fact, you could buy a plant for every member of your family at Christmas and they would all declare you the best and most unique gift-giver in the fam.

5. They are perfect for any occasion. Whether it’s your best bud’s birthday, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or your neighbour’s second cousin’s bar mitzvah, you simply cannot go wrong with an indoor plant!