Green Assembly | Alocasia Ebony houseplant

The fiddle leaf fig was dubbed THE houseplant of 2017 and we still love it as much as you do, but we’re a tad worried that if you all keep buying them at the current rate, Perth is going to run out! Ditto Monstera Deliciosa, Strelizia Nicholi (bird of paradise) and rubber plant (Ficus Elastica). We still adore them but if you’re anything like us, you are always on the hunt for something no one else has.

If you’re having trouble keeping your fiddle leaf fig alive, you might want to read this handy guide on growing them rather than chucking it on the verge and rushing out to get a new one. But if you, like us, are ready to branch out and add something different, but equally as beautiful, to your houseplant collection then read on.

Homalomena Emerald Gem

Not quite as tall as a fiddle leaf fig but just as impressive, Homalomena emerald gem has bigheart-shapedd leaves and ruby red stems. They are an easy care houseplant, tolerant of lower light conditions and disease resistant, so the perfect plant for gifting. You don’t see them around in Perth that often so snap it up if you see one and enjoy feeling just a little bit smug about having a plant that almost no one else in Perth has.

Homalomena Emerald Gem houseplant

Image credit: Yagiz Aydin

Umbrella Tree (Schefflera Alpine Junior/ Amate)

Ok, so maybe this one is quite common. BUT we still think it is totally underrated and deserves some air time. Plus, Jason Chong (AKA the godfather of houseplants) has tipped it to be THE plant of 2019, taking out the fiddle leaf fig…

If you’re after a real statement houseplant to take centre stage in your home, you can’t go past the fast-growing, glossy green leaves of the umbrella tree. Specifically, Schefflera Alpine Junior or Schefflera Amate because these have much larger leaves than the other types of Schefflera, but it still has that umbrella look to each of its leaf clusters.

Almost as bushy as a fiddle leaf fig (although the leaves are not quite as wide), and just as tall in half the time. They are ridiculously easy to care for and won’t drop all their leaves when you move them 1cm or forget to water them for a couple of weeks, we’re looking at you fiddle!

We have these stunners available here or an extra large version here.

Green Assembly | Umbrella Tree houseplantGreen Assembly | Umbrella Tree houseplant

That sage pot though!

Ficus Audrey

The name alone is reason to own her but once you touch her velvety textured leaves you won’t be able to pass her up! Her leaves are similar to the fiddle (she comes from the same Ficus family after all) but smoother and soft like velvet and she can grow just as tall but is nowhere near as temperamental as her cousin. The Ficus Audrey is easily in our top 5 fave houseplants of all time.

Ficus audrey houseplant

Image credit: Homestead Seattle

Pothos Jade (Non-Variegated Devil’s Ivy)

Yes, we know you all love anything variegated (us too) but when it’s as common as devil’s ivy it starts to seem less spesh. What you see much less of is the non-variegated version which is just as easy to care for, fast growing and the perfect trailing houseplant, known as ‘green genie’ (as opposed to the variegated ‘marble queen’ or golden version). We love the look of the bright green leaves contrasted in a white planter and sitting pretty on a shelf so her long strands can dangle to their heart’s content.

Devils ivy houseplant

Image credit: Unique Interior Styles

Alocasia Ebony

Holy heck, we are obsessed with these beauties! Belonging to the elephant ear family with that signature long point leaf shape and a reddy-purple tinge to their underside. We love all alocasia’s but this one stole our heart.

Don’t forget though that alocasia are toxic to pets and even humans can be quite sensitive.

Green Assembly | Alocasia Ebony houseplant

Green Assembly | Alocasia Ebony houseplant