Keeping Fur Babies Away From Plant Babies

Green Assembly - pet-friendly plants

One of the questions we get asked a lot here at Green Assembly is “which plants are pet-friendly plants?” No one wants to worry about their beloved fur baby eating their beloved plant baby and the complete disaster that will follow!

For those of you that aren’t willing to give up your plant babies or your fur babies, we may have found your tried and tested solution! And if all else fails, maybe it’s time to invest in one of these non-toxic plants so that even if they do get eaten you won’t have to stress.

Having a fur baby of my own (Paddie, the giant but excessively cuddly cat), I totally understand wanting to know what you’re bringing into your home and wanting to protect both beloved babies from interacting! There are many lists of toxic plants out there like this one specifically for dogs and this one for cats, but I like to take the stance that really any plant would not be good for my cat (or child for that matter!).

Of course, it’s a personal choice if you choose to have potentially toxic plants and pets under the same roof. I’ve had non pet-friendly plants like a bird of paradise, mother-in-law’s tongue and peace lily around since forever, so, since he was a kitten I made damn sure that my cat wasn’t interested in my indoor plants using a few tried and true tricks.

Here are 4 hacks for keeping your pets away from ALL your plants.

  1. Raise the stakes – it sounds obvious but placing your non pet-friendly plants on shelves, mantelpieces, above kitchen cabinets or in hanging baskets is the easiest way to keep plants away from dogs, cats, kids, ferrets, husbands…you get the idea. Even a plant stand can, in some cases, be enough of a deterrent.
  2. Spritz, spritz, spritz – when you’re next mixing yourself an Aperol spritz, make a special mocktail version for your feline friend. Cats hate the taste and smell of citrus so try mixing together water with orange or lemon juice and then spritz on their fave plant every few days for a couple of weeks. They should be deterred by the smell alone, but one taste will prevent any more snacking for good.
  3. Block ‘em – I’ve used several of these on my cat and they work for dogs too. All you need to do is put aluminium foil around the base of the plant, either scrunched up or flat will work a treat, ditto double-sided tape and small inflated balloons. Then voila, your plant baby becomes a pet-friendly plant. Some people suggest stones or shells but my cat and I’m sure most dogs will just dig them up along with the dirt!
  4. Bring out the big guns – if the natural remedies are simply not going to work on your superman fur baby, you may want to look at an ultrasonic repellent. These nifty tools emit a short wave high frequency sound over 20,000 hz (known as ultrasounds), that humans cannot hear, but cats and dogs absolutely hate. If you put one near your plant, your furbaby will avoid it.

Hopefully one of these hacks is going to help turn all your plants into pet-friendly plants, so you can all live as one big happy family. Fingers crossed!

If you’re still a little nervous and would prefer a 100% pet-friendly plant, we suggest the super low care peperomia.

Hero image credit: Sharehouse Heros