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String of Pearls

Who doesn’t want pearls hanging from their shelf that only get longer with time?! The string of pearls with their awesome little green beads are in fact a succulent and should be treated in much the same way, let them dry out, give them loads of light (minimal direct) and they will grow to the floor, allowing you to snip the ends, stick them in a new pot and propagate a new guy for free.

Scientific name: Senecio Rowleyanus

Difficulty level – Medium


The string of pearls likes very bright light, morning sun for a couple of hours is ok but not past 10am.


Water only when the soil has completely dried out. This is the absolute key with this little guy! Too much water and the beads will get all squishy and gooey, too little water and they will shrink like a prune. So really you can afford to neglect this guy as long as he gets enough light.

Oh, and if you have your string of pearls in the bathroom and the beads are going mushy, it likely is hating the humidity, so move to a drier spot.


During the warmer months, they like a drink of the stinky liquid fish stuff (like Seasol) every second or third month, again be sure to follow the dilution instructions on the packet.

If your string of pearls are looking dire then simply cut off the dead or dying ones (they won’t come back, sorry) so that the plant doesn’t put any energy into keeping them alive, and start giving small amounts of water every couple of days for a week if it needs more or let it dry out completely if it needs less.

If you want to propagate this guy then simply cut off a ‘string’ and take off a few beads so that there is about 5cm to poke back into the soil. Use a cactus and succulent mix and a stick to make a hole and push the bare strand into the soil, gently press the soil down around each one and water. New roots will grow in about 4 weeks.


Use a soil moisture metre (AKA the handiest indoor plant tool ever invented) to check the soil of any plant before you water. That way you don’t get your hands dirty and you get an accurate reading of just how moist the soil is. PLUS our metres can be used for all your plants and you will never need a refill.