ZZ (Zanzibar Gem) | Plant Care Guide

ZZ Zanzibar Gem

Also known as the eternity plant—cos you could stick him in a cupboard and he would still last an eternity! OK, maybe not quite but he does thrive on neglect. Give this plant to someone who forgets to brush their teeth four out of seven days a week and they will get along just fine.

Difficulty level – easy


Thrives in medium light but will be happy as larry in low light. Definitely keep away from direct sunlight as it will burn the leaves.


Just like a succulent, this guy wants to dry out between watering. Check the soil is bone-dry at least several inches down and then you can give it a good watering (about a tall glass worth).


Feed with a slow-release fertiliser once every six months following the instructions on the packet (remember, when you receive a plant from Green Assembly, it has enough slow-release fertiliser to last the first six months). During the warmer months, the rubber plant likes a drink of the stinky liquid fish stuff (like Seasol) monthly, again be sure to follow the dilution instructions on the packet.