Succulents (Various) | Plant Care Guide

How to care for succulents

With so many shapes, sizes, colours and patterns, succulents are one of THE most popular plants. You will fast become addicted to collecting cuttings and growing all the different colours of the rainbow. Plus, they are hard to kill and require very little care. Huzzah!

Difficulty level – easy


Very bright light, full sun for 2 to 3 hours a day but be sure not to leave them out all day in summer. They can survive in bright indirect light but won’t thrive.


Water only when the soil has completely dried out otherwise the roots can easily rot with too much moisture. Feel the weight of the pot, stick your finger into the soil (up to your second knuckle) or use a moisture thermometer. The number one killer of plants, particularly succulents, is overwatering so we like to let them dry completely then give them a good drenching of water, allow all the excess to drain away and he will be happy as larry for ages. You will find in winter that they will hardly need any watering at all.

If you are giving small amounts of water when you think the plant needs it but it starts looking a tad sad or not absorbing any water, try placing it in a tray of water and pour room temperature (not cold) water into the top of the pot. You will likely see bubbles which means there are pockets of air in the soil that don’t allow the soil to absorb water. Continue filling the pot from the top until you can’t see any more bubbles. Keep the pot in the tray of water overnight to give it a chance to soak up water from the roots. You can use this trick on all plants that have stopped retaining water or always seem thirsty.


During the warmer months, they like a drink of the stinky liquid fish stuff, like Seasol, every second or third month and use slightly less than the packet recommends. When you pour your Seasol solution be sure to avoid pouring onto the leaves as lighter coloured succulents are easily stained and discoloured.

NOTE: We don’t recommend using fertiliser on your succulent bowl as it will cause the plants to outgrow their pot.

Over time, the bottom leaves of a succulent will brown and die off, this is completely normal so just pull them off as you see them, the rest of the plant will be fine (use tweezers to get to the hard to reach ones).

Succulents are super easy to propagate and even if you accidentally snap off a branch, simply stick it back into the soil, give that area a bit of water (a small amount, just enough for the broken branch, not the whole plant) each day or so for a week and it will sprout new roots. Handy!

When if you start to see roots coming out the base of the pot (through the drainage hole) then it is time to upsize and give him a slightly bigger home (a pot about 2 to 3 inches bigger).