Peperomia | Plant Care Guide

How to care for a Peperomia

This peperomia is one of our faves here at Green Assembly. They are super easy to care for, with rich green waxy leaves and require minimal watering, making them the perfect gift plant.

Difficulty level – easy

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the peperomia like bright, indirect sunlight.


These guys are semi-succulents so allow the soil to dry out at least a few inches between watering. Never leave water sitting in the drip tray of your peperomia to ensure overwatering doesn’t occur.


Feed your peperomis with a slow-release fertiliser once every six months following the instructions on the packet (remember, when you receive a plant from Green Assembly, it has enough slow-release fertiliser to last the first 6 months).  During the warmer months, they like a drink of the stinky liquid fish stuff (like Seasol) monthly, again be sure to follow the dilution instructions on the packet. Then sit back and watch him sprout fresh new leaves.

Non-toxic to cats and dogs.