Elephant Ear | Alocasia | Plant Care Guide

Elephant Ear | Alocasia Ebony | Plant Care Guide

We love the amazing arrow-shaped leaves and green veins of the elephant ear, so unique! The perfect statement plant that we promise you will never tire of.

Difficulty level – easy


Bright, indirect sunlight. These guys love a warm humid environment so keep him out of a cold bathroom and away from your air con.


Keep the soil moist but not saturated or soggy, allowing the soil to dry out 2 inches from the top. Give them a spritz of water regularly to create a more humid environment, or add pebbles to the drip tray and some water for the same effect.


Feed with a slow-release fertiliser once every six months following the instructions on the packet (remember, when you receive a plant from Green Assembly, it has enough slow-release fertiliser to last the first 6 months). During the warmer months, they like a drink of the stinky liquid fish stuff (like Seasol) once a month, again be sure to follow the dilution instructions on the packet. Then sit back and watch him sprout fresh new leaves.


Use a soil moisture metre to check how damp the soil is rather than digging with your finger.

Watch out! This guy is toxic to pets and mini me’s if eaten.

Download this guide as a PDF here.